Task & Game

Building from our experience in the escape room industry, we now create a variety of gamified tasks and challenges ranging from intertwined game flows consisting of multiple linked puzzles, to standalone single-goal challenges. We can tailor to requirements to create challenges and puzzles that are suitable for briefs from a range of applications. Examples would be competitive reality game shows for television, marketing activations and puzzle books.

Our game design covers physical and mental tasks and all kinds of puzzle mechanics, as well as involving technology where required. As well as designing, we also source and construct the components for challenges that need to physically exist. We love componentless puzzles too, and can design a range of paper/screen-based challenges requiring nothing more than a pencil, including traditional concepts such as crosswords and logic puzzles.

If a project also requires a set to be created, we do that too – take a look at our prop and scenic design page.

Build Your Own LEGO Escape Room Book

– LEGO/Dorling Kindersley (DK)

build your own lego escape room book

International publisher, Dorling Kindersley (DK) approached Imaginarium Design to consult on a book being co-created with LEGO. They required an escape room consultant to give direction on the set up and puzzle elements for the Create Your Own LEGO Escape Room book.

We worked with a LEGO build specialist to create four themed escape room ideas, containing puzzle designs that could be made with only LEGO components. We also created content for the remaining sections of the book including, how to be a games master, how to add immersive elements, theme ideas and how to put together your own design.

Video Game Launch Event – Immersive Challenge

– Circle Agency/Team 17

Battle of Britain Escape room event

We were engaged by Circle Agency to create a bespoke escape room-style experience as part of the launch event of the video game ‘Classified: France ’44’ at the ‘Battle of Britain Bunker’, in Uxbridge.

We worked within the constraints of the Grade I listed bunker, 18 metres underground, to create gameplay that seamlessly filled the historic space and made use of its existing features.

The overall experience was pulled together using live actors and puzzle-solving towards an end goal that felt genuine within the story.

SAW: The Experience, London – Gameplay Redesign

– Path Entertainment/Lionsgate

We were approached by Path Entertainment to act as the game designer on the refresh of SAW: The Escape Experience, London. An existing attraction was already in place, but Path wanted to bring on board a seasoned designer to raise the quality of the puzzles and gameplay to the same level as the theatrics in the experience.

We joined the team to design fresh gameplay that solved the issues with the previous version and contained content true to the SAW brand. We then oversaw the prop and set teams to ensure the design was brought to life with accuracy, quality and longevity.

Troops to Hoops – Town Centre Engagement Event

– Reading BID

We were commissioned by the Reading Business Improvement District to produce a set of table-top puzzles for a community event to increase footfall in the town centre. We proposed the theme of the history of Reading, and created 10 puzzles based around significant events in years from 1164 to 2021. The event was arranged as a puzzle trail where players followed a route around, completing the challenges in 10-minute bursts.

Beautifully illustrated scenes were used to give each puzzle an environment and help immerse the players in each historical setting. Despite the absence of a physical set we still believe in giving our puzzles a ‘feel’ or ambience. Each challenge was accompanied by various small components needed to solve it, produced to match its theme, e.g. tiny model trains, army provisions packs holding little counters and traditional wooden rulers showing inches only.

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