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– Raise awareness of a product/service, develop understanding or build loyalties.

Suitable for:

  • marketing and advertising
  • charity campaigns
  • school/university teaching

Within the immersive setting of an experience, participants become more focused and encouraged to interact with their new environment. The presence of a goal within the storyline incites participation further because success and achievement are at stake. This necessitates both paying attention to the content as well as fully processing it to achieve an end. This makes immersive, interactive experiences a brilliant tool for teaching, informing and achieving recognition.



– Evaluate applicants, mature key competency skills or grow the connection in a team.

Suitable for:

  • assessment centres and hiring
  • team training
  • employee evaluations


Interactive experiences often require teamwork and can be designed to include challenges that specifically test or develop it, as well as other skills as required. They also allow participants to demonstrate how they actually react in certain circumstances, which is very relevant considering the move from experience-based to situational interview styles. The immersive setting of an experience also pushes the real world to the back of participants’ consciousnesses, meaning they are less aware that they may be being observed via camera or microphone. For those tasked with hiring or evaluating others, this provides a unique opportunity to assess with a significantly reduced ‘Hawthorne effect’.



– Deliver enjoyable rewards, attract clients or commercially generate income.

Suitable for:

  • staff/student performance recognition
  • encouraging attendance
  • experience-based start-up businesses


Immersive, interactive experiences, such as escape rooms, are gaining huge popularity. They are attractive to a wide demographic and cater to the growing trend of seeking out things to do rather than buy. The majority of people find enjoyment in the core features of such an experience so they easily achieve the requirement of being fun to do, and so make the perfect reward or leisure event. For this reason they can also draw an audience, whether fee-paying or one attracted to a certain location in order to be introduced to something else. 

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