Prop & Scenic

Having perfected our skills building sets and creating props for our in-house escape rooms, we now create environments for a range of purposes. Via a combination of careful research and effective artistic methods, we recreate the visuals of a given setting with the necessary decoration, dressing and props. 

We cater to the focus of an individual brief when creating, whether that’s to reduce expenditure with imitation settings and props, to construct a prop with hidden tech inside, or to be fully historically accurate. All of our in-house games at TimeTrap Escape Rooms were historically-themed so we are particularly well-practised in that respect.

We create anything from a single prop to a full set decoration, dressing and prop install. We can act as prop builders for TV, film, theatre productions, sets and marketing activations.

Take a look at our blog to read about some of our previous creations.

Set Design and Build - London, 1666

This three-space project required a street scene, internal residence and outside yard set during the Great Fire of London in September 1666. After meticulous research into everything from the building styles to the shop names, we conducted space planning and built the bones of the set, before adding the details, including 2,000 cobbles making up the street floor! The street housed a Butchery, Apothecary, Glasswright, Bookshop and Armoury and the shop windows were dressed with all of the appropriate wares, sourced or made by us.

Great Fire of London Escape Room Set Build Shot
Great Fire of London Escape Room Street Scene

Scenic Design and Installation - Bavarian Toy Shop at Christmas

Set in 1901, this project required the transformation of an existing space with set decoration and then dressing with appropriate furniture and smaller details. We sourced authentic recycled furniture or constructed pieces ourselves in the correct style. All text featured on posters or signs was translated carefully into German for a thoroughly genuine environment and we created a new technique for achieving the correct wall textures between the beamed sections.

Bavarian toy shop escape room set build
Bavarian toy shop sales counter escape room prop

Prop - 1666 Laid Dinner Table

To complete the creation of the inside of a London Stuart house, we constructed a dinner table, complete with bowls of pottage – a popular meal at the time. Researched to ensure accuracy, we used resin to bind together oats, barley, and faux mushrooms in hand-turned bowls which were fixed to the table from underneath. The table itself was sourced and then amended and re-finished by us, before being completed with individually tracked-down tankards and goblets, as well as hand-whittled spoons. For seating, we sourced two primitive wooden benches which tucked under the table.

Great Fire of London Escape Room Prop - Table

Mechanical Prop - Rolling Barrel Drum

This escape room prop was required to move as it formed part of a challenge in an escape room experience. Located in a Butcher’s Shop window, players of the experience had to roll eggs down a slope and underneath the barrel drum, without hitting the spikes. The prop needed to resemble a roasting spit so as to suit the setting, and was fabricated from metal. It also needed hidden mechanics to turn it and also to stop when the correct number of eggs successfully passed beneath it. These respectively used a motor, pulleys and belt, and a load cell connected to an arduino. The prop was affectionately nick-named ‘Drumbledore’.

Drumbledore - Mechanical Escape Room Prop

Prop with in-built tech - Fuse Box

Using only wood, we created this old-fashioned fuse box from a source photo, complete with rusty patches. Starting with a wooden box, we laser-cut details which were then fixed to both the top and the interior of the box, complete with a tongue in cheek brand name. The whole thing was then finished with our rusty metal-effect secret recipe. The prop also needed to house some tech within the box, which transmitted the information that the lever inside had been pressed. This used a magnet and reed switch combination to deliver a non-contact connection and prevent breakages.

Escape Room Fuse Box Prop

Prop with in-built tech - Cuckoo Clock

After sourcing a genuine Bavarian cuckoo clock, we added modern tech alongside the original cuckoo bird and bellows system to create a clock that runs at 5x speed. The experience the clock was housed in took place from midnight to 5am, with the clock passing each hour in 12 minutes, marked by a cuckoo sound, and stopping automatically at the latter time. The remote operational panel allowed users to pause and play time, reset to midnight and put the clock back by 5 minutes when required. Using the original bellow and cuckoo bird meant that the prop provided an authentic visual and audible experience, while the tech remained hidden.

Cuckoo Clock Escape Room Prop

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