‘How much does it cost to build an escape room?’, as you may expect, is a difficult question to answer.

Everything we do is bespoke and particular to the project, so we don’t have a list of set prices. However, we know it’s helpful to have some guidelines to work from, so below we’ve included some example pricing.:

Traditional Hour-Long Escape Room; Design Only

– From £10,000

This includes theme, storyline, end goal, gameflow, game content and physical layout of space.

Traditional Hour-Long Escape Room; Design, Build, Test and Handover

– From £50,000

This includes the design phase as above, as well as the production, build and installation of all game elements, and also testing & amendments, training and handover.

Single space (4×4 metres) set creation; Design, Source/Produce, Decor and Dress

– From £7,500

This includes research and development to form the design and the sourcing, production and installation of the components needed to bring this to life, including the permanent aesthetics applied to the space to decorate it and the moveable items placed in the space to dress it.

Individual prop; Design and Produce

– From £100

There is a huge variation on requirements in this category and we recommend getting in touch for a more accurate estimate for your needs.

Set of 10 different tabletop puzzles; Design and Produce

– From £8,000

This includes the design of an overall theme and linked flow, the design of each puzzle challenge, and the production of the elements needed to take the puzzles from ideas to physically playable.

Live challenge operation (for events or television); Design and Run/Oversee

– From £400 per day

This includes research and design of a challenge, overseeing or undertaking the production of the physical elements that make the challenge playable and operating the challenge in order for it to be played.

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