Build Your Own LEGO Escape Room Book – Escape Room Consultant

Client: LEGO / Dorling Kindersley (DK)

Type of product: Book

Type of organisation product consulted for: International Publisher & Toy Producer

Purpose: Recreational Book

International publisher, Dorling Kindersley (DK) approached Imaginarium Design to consult on a book that they were co-creating with LEGO. They required an escape room consultant to give direction on the set up and puzzle elements for the Create Your Own LEGO Escape Room book.


“Katie and Scott at Imaginarium Design worked as consultants on our LEGO book, How to Build Your Own LEGO Escape Room. They shared their expertise with us, suggesting creative ideas and solutions, checking puzzles, and sharing advice on what would and wouldn’t work and common pitfalls. It was hugely reassuring knowing that they were checking everything. They were a delight to work with too.”
– Helen Murray, Senior Editor, DK


Learn how to plan thrilling LEGO escape rooms. Have fun building and setting up one of three themed escape rooms. Or pick and choose from LEGO puzzles and challenges to create your own rooms from scratch!

  • More than 50 build ideas for LEGO puzzles and challenges
  • Three themed escape rooms to build: Egyptian Quest, Space Mission, and Safari Adventure
  • 50 useful LEGO pieces and sticker sheet for getting started
  • Tips from an expert LEGO builder and an escape room designer
  • Advice on how to plan your escape room, from making it immersive and theme inspiration to linking puzzles and giving clues