Imaginarium Design: Our Brand

Imaginarium Design was launched in 2020 to cater for the growing number of non-escape room commissions we were receiving at TimeTrap – our flagship escape room venue. In fact, Imaginarium Design takes its name from our most iconic, original escape room. It was while we were looking for a name and an image that represented our purpose and personality, that we realised it was already right in front of us!

Imagination is the fuel powering the creation of an immersive, interactive experience and the twist on the word is a nod to the unique and unstoppable vision that goes into what we do.

Imaginarium, the game, sends players on a journey through the mind of author, Lewis Carroll, literally taking place inside his head, among his thoughts and ideas. It is a harmonious blend of immersive setting, unique story and rewarding puzzles that are seamlessly integrated into the theme.

The logo, initially chosen to represent these qualities of the game, also perfectly embodies the two halves of an Imaginarium Design creation. On the right is the interactivity – the compelling story and intriguing activities that are woven through an experience to engage the participants’ minds. And on the left is the environment – the attention-capturing setting that holds the experience and engages participants’ senses.

The two halves work effortlessly together to create a captivating moment that leaves the experiencer open to learn, to change, to enjoy or to release their inhibitions, as orchestrated.

That is Imaginarium Design.