SAW: The Experience, London – Escape Game Designer

Client: Path Entertainment / Lionsgate

Type of product: Live Immersive Experience

Type of organisation product consulted for: Film Studio & Live Experience Operator

Purpose: IP Licensed Live Experience

Path Entertainment approached us in late 2022 to act as the escape game designer on the refresh of SAW: The Escape Experience London. An existing experience was already in place but Path wanted to bring on board an experienced game designer to improve the puzzles and gameplay in the first part of the experience.

We worked closely with Tom from Path to deliver puzzles that were on theme and suitable for the IP we were working with.


“It was brilliant to work with Katie from Imaginarium on the Saw enhancements. A fantastic, collaborative process and impeccable expertise to help us to bring focus to the necessary changes before reopening.”

Tom Beynon, Creative Producer at Path Entertainment on our game design for the SAW: The Escape Experience.