Creating Textures – How To Create An Old Leather Look

In every new experience we create we afford a great deal of consideration to how every prop fits into the narrative we are trying to portray. Sometimes props cannot be sourced in exactly the right style or need to be altered to fit the time period or to be suitable to act as part of […]

Creating Textures – How To Create A Fake Mud Floor

The second instalment of our creating textures blog series will be taking another behind-the-scenes look at how we develop props and spaces using textures to create immersive experiences. In this post we’ll be telling you about how we created mud to be used on the floor and in plant plants for two different experiences. It’s […]

Inspiration Series: The Power of Moments – Book Review

The driving force behind all the experiences we create is inspiration. Inspiration can come from many different sources and is essential to provide the fuel that powers the development of a high-quality experience. Across this series of blogs we’ll be looking at some of our main inspirations and how they influence our work. The first […]

Creating Textures – How To Create A Cobbled Floor

laying the cobbles

How to create a cobbled floor In a series of posts on this blog we will be providing a behind-the-scenes look at how we develop the objects and spaces within the experiences we create. This first series will be focusing on how we use textures to create immersive spaces. Using genuine materials and textures in […]

Imaginarium Design: Our Brand

Imaginarium Design was launched in 2020 to cater for the growing number of non-escape room commissions we were receiving at TimeTrap – our flagship escape room venue. In fact, Imaginarium Design takes its name from our most iconic, original escape room. It was while we were looking for a name and an image that represented […]