About Us

maginarium Design comes from the team behind TimeTrap Escape Rooms, an award-winning escape room company started in 2016 by Katie Falcon-Uff and Andrew Ingle.

In 2019, they began being approached by other organisations to create various spin-offs of the escape room concept for different events and purposes. This led to the creation, in 2020, of Imaginarium Design, a new brand to handle these types of projects outside of the TimeTrap venue. The name comes from one of TimeTrap’s most-loved escape rooms which ran from 2017 to 2021.

After four further years working on a whole range of projects requiring the skills honed in escape room design, alongside continuing to run the TimeTrap venue, Andrew and Katie decided to turn their full attention to Imaginarium Design and to challenges and opportunities that immersive experience design brings with it.

Imaginarium offers expertise on the two core areas refined during eight years of experience; simply put, the creation of gamified challenges, and the creation of props and sets. In many of our projects, both come hand-in-hand, but we also enjoy specialising in one or the other.

Throughout ten in-house escape room designs for TimeTrap, Katie and Andrew developed an ethic that they still stand by in order to be proud of their work (because if you’re not proud of your work, where is your purpose?) That ethic is to settle only for high quality, to innovate and to seek excitement in every creation.

We’re excited about the possible places the escape room concept can go and we’re ready to pioneer, as little or as large as our clients are on board with. We’re also excited to continue to unleash our creative power through beautiful, functional props and sets, and ingenious, intriguing, tasks, challenges, puzzles and games.


Our team expands far beyond who you see below; over the years we have built up a healthy contact list of talented contractors and freelancers, who we can call on when needed.

The three people you see below are the ones you’ll see and hear from the most: 

Katie Falcon-Uff escape room design


Katie is the lead designer and oversees the build of an experience.


Andrew takes care of client communication and overall project management.


Tegan looks after the aesthetic and sensory parts of experience creation.

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