About Us

Imaginarium Design is the mind behind TimeTrap Escape Rooms. Named after our most iconic game, we create experiences that transport people to alternate realities where they are encouraged to interact with their setting to drive a storyline towards an end goal. Our roots are in escape rooms but we design and build bespoke escape room-style experiences for a range of applications.

An escape room-style experience includes the following in varying degrees: a theme or storyline, a task or end goal, a challenge or challenges that must be achieved in order to attain the end goal and a form of set, from small props to a fully immersive environment. We are well-versed in all of these areas and, although we specialise in creating historical sets, we are proficient of a range of set forms.

We also consult on all aspects of interactive and immersive experience design and on all aspects of start-up escape room-style businesses.



Andrew takes care of client communication and overall project management.


Scott assists in design and builds the mechanical elements of an experience.


KatieĀ is the lead designer and oversees the build of an experience.


Nicola is responsible for all illustration and assists with the artistic elements of a build.


Tegan looks after the aesthetic and sensory parts of experience creation and assists with client communication.


Jamie is in charge of all things tech and brings electronic components to life.

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